Thursday, February 25, 2016

365 True Things: 333/Rabbit

The view of the ceiling from my seat
We went out to eat this evening, to a restaurant that we visit rarely, and each time say, "We should come here more often." It's called Taste, aptly enough. Pretty much every time we go, I get the same thing: rabbit in a mushroom sauce, accompanied by potatoes au gratin and red cabbage. Rabbit is not just like chicken, but it's closer to chicken in taste and texture than it is to any other meat. I like rabbit.

One of my favorite recipes is rabbit with morels, from the cookbook The Silver Palate. I would include it here, but that cookbook remains in a box in the garage somewhere. Which reminds me: I am going to get started on that. Maybe tomorrow. If I run across the recipe, I'll add it here.

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