Friday, October 30, 2015

365 True Things: 215/Stretching

Two years ago right about now, I spent an inspiring week on the island of Molokai with a bunch of photographers, learning iPhone app- ography, visiting some glorious places, and . . . stretching my boundaries a bit.

Two weeks ago, I asked on Facebook for some ideas for possible blog posts. Because hey, I don't know what people what to know about me! And it's not always easy to come up with something interesting. Day after day after stinking day.

Cherrie was at the Hui with me on Molokai. She is not a friend (except on FB), though I certainly enjoyed her energy and enthusiasm during that week and I wouldn't mind having her as a friend. But we're not social—not even on FB, not really.

But she responded to my query, with the suggestion that I post some pictures that she took of me that week.

The project: underwater nude photography.

As soon as Cherrie explained the project and asked for (female) participants, I told myself NO. But then, during long walks on the property, or while yelling THANK YOU at the ocean, or while enjoying craft and creativity conversations at dinner, I gently nudged myself to, maybe, consider . . . stretching a bit. My roommate, Aimée, participated, as did other women in the group, and all said it was super enjoyable. Just swimming in the warm pool, making like a river otter and playing with luxurious fabrics. The circumstances were absolutely safe: Cherrie was super considerate about restricting the session to just her and her subjects.

I finally told her, sure.

So here are a few of the shots she made (ones without nipples showing).

Cherrie does this sort of photography professionally (she calls it AquaDance Art)—in addition to creating beautiful surfboards and other objects out of fused glass.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session: it was lazy and rolling and uninhibited. And the results are beautiful. I'd do it again.

Thanks, Cherrie, for both the shoot and the nudge to post the shots!

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