Monday, October 19, 2015

365 True Things: 204/Birds

Today I took our female kitten, Luna, in to be spayed. Next week, her brother, Ravi, gets the equivalent treatment. (I am going to miss his furry little balls, I confess.) After that, we will start the big let-the-cats-outside experiment, in very limited quantities of time.

The big impediment will be the bird feeders. Already, the cats sit on their post or on my bedside table and gaze longingly (hungrily) at the birds. I do not want any birdie presents. Gopher presents will be just fine. But not birdies.

So yeah: not sure what we'll do about that. It could end up being a very short-lived experiment, and they'll just be indoor cats, like it or not. (And yes: I know all the arguments for not letting cats be outdoor cats. I will be responsible. If I were a cat, though, I know I'd want to be able to lie in the sunshine on the dirt and smell the strawberries. Not to mention hunt potato bugs. At least for an hour or two a day. But we'll see what happens . . . )

Anyway, here are some photos I've taken at the feeders over the years. Mostly, we get house finches, sparrows, and dark-eyed juncoes, sometimes oak tits and goldfinches. On very rare occasions we've had acorn woodpeckers and black-headed grosbeaks. Mourning doves often come and pick up what's fallen to the deck. I always enjoy seeing the flurrying activity at the feeders.

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  1. The indoor/outdoor cat thing is quite the dilemma. I'd want to dig in the dirt for potato bugs, too, if I were a cat. But I also see/know how many cats, although usually the feral kind, kill endangered/endemic birds. Sigh.