Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hodgepodge 346/365 - Calendar

Two years ago I wrote about going out to buy my new calendars. It was October 7, so I seem to be right on schedule—because two days ago, which would have been the 8th, I happened to see a rack of calendars at Whole Foods and, browsing through, found one that looked like fun: it's a Paint by Sticker calendar ("Make a year's worth of masterpieces"). It's a bit like a coloring book, only, yeah, stickers: lots of little tiny stickers, number-coded. I figure it'll give me a monthly project, something healthfully obsessive to spend a little time on each day, as well as a reason to actually look at my calendar with some regularity.

Also two years ago, I mentioned that I was going to retire—which, yeah, I'm threatening that again! Only this time I mean it!

But one calendar never suffices for me, so I still need to take myself to my favorite stationery story and get a couple more: I like two in my two-room office, one for each desk (my tradition these past several years for one of them is a beautiful little calendar featuring watercolors of the various trout species of this continent); plus one for our off-the-kitchen office. And I need to get a datebook, which is really where I keep track of my time.

Buying my new calendars makes me so happy!

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