Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hodgepodge 333/365 - Cartoons (Michael Leunig)

I don't know how I stumbled on Leunig's humorous, soulful creations looking at the "follies, foibles, and joys of the human race," as the Sydney Morning Herald puts it. It must have been on a visit to my brother, who lived in Sydney for a while.

A fifth-generation Australian (he is now 72), the cartoonist and poet Leunig was born—and presumably still lives?—in Melbourne. In 1999, he was declared an Australian Living Treasure. A couple of his recurring characters are the Duck (bringing wisdom) and Mr. Curly (something of a court jester). Here's a Q&A Leunig did with the Australian National Library a couple of years ago, musing on his fifty-year career.

And here are the Duck and Mr. Curly in conversation:

. . . I was actually casting about for another cartoonist I love, but I can't recall his name (Stine? Steinberg?). I've got a book of his somewhere—easily recognizable because it's bound in thick cardboard with drilled holes through all the pages, held together by binder rings. When I find it, I'll add some of his cartoons here. . . .

But for today, it's Leunig. Enjoy! (Click to view larger.)

Some of his work is cheerful, or at least peaceful and hopeful.

Some, though, is rather dystopian—a little angry, a little negative. Not without reason.

He also makes short, minimalist videos. This one's in the cheerful category.

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