Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hodgepodge 1/365 - A New Beginning

I've been missing a daily something. For four years I posted photos daily; then I spent a year doing daily blogposts. I think a daily expectation helps me find purpose, interest, meaning. It helps me maintain a practice—and I think practice is important. Crucial, even.

So . . . even though I swore I was done with a daily blog (because—it's crazy, right?), I'm . . . reconsidering.

But this one will be something of a hodgepodge. Maybe it'll be something I learned that day, or something I noticed, or a new word for me, or a book I read (see my last 50 or so posts), or a photo from my vast archives (or from all the many photos I haven't processed lately because I'm so lazy), or just a memory.

So: here's to it. Project Hodgepodge. And to kick it off, I'll post a photo. It's from Rome, ten years ago. Next March I'm heading back to Rome, following a two-week Sierra Club tour of Israel—and then on to Venice. I hope to visit Pompeii; I might venture to Ravenna; I'd love to meet up with my old, dear friend Ulla, who lives near Lago Maggiore. I'm looking forward to taking my camera and spending some serious time looking, seeing, appreciating. This life!

You know exactly what it says . . .
but I love the way the little yellow moped tucked its way in there

Day 1. Of 365. It feels good to be back, with a (random, haphazard, but hopefully attentive) mission.