Monday, June 20, 2016


In my 365 blog, I listed alllllllll the articles I ever wrote for Coast & Ocean, the California Coastal Conservancy magazine, which had a long healthy run until the economic crash.

Today I want to list the several articles I've written for the UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources magazine Breakthroughs. With a new one, a profile, in the works this week. Hopefully I'll be able to keep updating this list.

Spring 2014
Sergio Núñez de Arco: Creating a New Staple (quinoa)

Fall 2014
Can Extreme Science Fix the Planet? (geoengineering)
Pop-Up Wetlands: A Success Story (feeding the birds)

Spring 2015
Parks Forward: Rebooting California's State Parks

Winter 2016
Q&A: The Berkeley Food Institute
Profile of Bill and Barbara Steele: Listening to the Land (biodynamic winemaking)

Fall 2016
Profile of Christina Brown Campbell, CNR's new Alumni Association president

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