Saturday, August 22, 2015

365 True Things: 146/Garden

The garden being built
We worked in the garden this morning: clearing out spent plants, weeding. It had been quite a while since we'd done that. It looks much better now.

Not much is growing at the moment: some tomatoes, and one zucchini plant; some onions and carrots (which are probably due to be harvested); a few struggling strawberries. We have been watering sparingly because of the drought—which is silly. We're not big water users even if we do give plants enough to survive. And watering too little amounts to a waste of water, if the plants don't thrive.

This afternoon, a neighbor from down the street, Jenny, came by to talk to us about helping us maintain our garden. She doesn't have enough yard at her own house, and our garden is laid out nicely to grow vegetables. She is offering to do this for free: she just loves to garden and misses it. I don't know how it will work out, but I'm game to give it a try. I don't want to lose "control" over the garden, but she seems very flexible. And yeah: we do neglect it. It may be a welcome assist, to have someone who knows what she's doing tending the garden.

It's an experiment. It'd be great for all of us if it works out. We'll share the bounty.

Here are some photos I took in the garden the first year, when there was not a drought and the rain kept things healthy and happy. I'm hoping for both abundant rain this next rainy season and, with Jenny's help, beautiful vegetables.

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