Saturday, July 11, 2015

365 True Things: 104/Frivolity

This evening we went to a pizza get-together of some forty geocachers. I always enjoy these events because they allow me to attach faces to the fanciful names that geocachers create for themselves. Tonight, for example, I got to meet Kemborg, Paper Owl, and pinkey19487. And I got to chat with DragonsWest and mimring (whose name, he rather sheepishly explained, is based on Thor's sword). My own name, annevoi, is a mash-up of my name and a shortened form of the verb "can" in Finnish (the full form is voidä), in turn for a shortened form of my last name. I use annevoi in other contexts as well, and so far I've never found anyone else who uses it.

Tonight we got a "souvenir" for having attended a geocaching event. We're trying to collect all five souvenirs over the course of a few months. The first one was for finding a cache with more than 10 favorite points; that was easy. The next souvenir, I believe, will be for finding a cache with a difficulty rating of 5 (the hardest). We have a puzzle cache all solved and ready for when the clock starts ticking on that challenge.

And mimring, who himself is a wicked good puzzle cache creator, pointed out a few caches we didn't know about that we should give a try: one is a puzzle cache (or more accurately, a decoding cache) called Lot 49 based on the San Jose Semaphore, an art installation atop the Adobe HQ. It looks tedious at first glance, but could, perhaps, prove hypnotic? Maybe we'll find out. The second cache is a night cache created for Halloween, and apparently full of spooky scary thrills. We'll have to find our headlamps and go give that one a try.

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